A New Website Design

Hi, I'm David Sevilla Martín, the developer of Laura Martín's website.
You may have seen the new design of the website; it's simple, mobile-first, friendly, and works much better than the old one.

While you may never see it, I've made a few changes in the backend according to language-specific pages. Now Laura can also have drafts of pages before publishing them!

We hope you enjoy this new website design, and please send us feedback through the Contact Page.

A more detailed lost of changes follows.

  • Simple header, and a hamburger menu for mobile
  • A footer with social links. Finally!
  • Better language flags. We know you will like them ;)
  • Removed the maximized div with scroll in the middle of the page. That was just annoying and very resourceful.
  • Using Bootstrap with Bootflat for the styles

Thanks for visiting, and have a nice day.

P.S.: I've updated the Ghost version of the blog (Ghost is what this blog is made of, like Wordpress). Now you are able to subscribe to follow updates and receive emails whenever a new post gets published. Subscribe at http://blog.lauramartinmusic.com/subscribe

David Sevilla Martín

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